Changing the game of movement.

MetroTranspo has grown to help companies, cities, and states across the nation find solutions to the most complex transportation and traffic issues and minimize risk.

We are experts, planners, practitioners, listeners and a company that gets stuff done.  Using Movement, Safety and Efficiency for the world to move harmoniously through the past, present and future of mobility, infrastructure and technology.

How can we help? Moving you forward, smarter.


Transportation Consulting

Using our expertise to utilize principles and technology for mobility


Traffic Design

From busy venues and events - we are able to design your traffic pattern and implement it for Game Day


Traffic Management

Trained traffic personnel implementing traffic plans and designs


Logistics and Operations Consulting

Helping your product get from Point A to Point B


Movement and Flow Expertise

Being able to keep people moving safetly and efficiently


John Antokas is the Founder and CEO of MetroTranspo and is a trained Transportation Planner and obtained his Master's of Urban Planning from Hunter College in New York City. John has been in the transportation consulting and traffic management services industry for over 10 years and is in charge of day-to-day operations, services and business development.  

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